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african grey parrot just little over 3 inc hatch certificate.beautiful condition fully feathered how ever chooses to roam around on the floor instead of flying.loves his head tickled talks one of the best talking african grey says too many words to list how ever must make aware she doesn't sware, also coughs laughs and burps like humans.big cage and toys included. please no time wasters this is...
Beautiful pair of African Grey Parrots for sale. sms(760) 756-5390 call .-Male and female parrots 4 -18 months old, comes with DNA certificate and is talkative. Female is 7 years old, hand tamed and talkative. Please contact me on mobile not email- no time wasters. text number((760) 756-5390
4 1/2 year old male. He is very active cage-free Macaw. He loves to play. He will train for treats. He gives kisses, hi-fives, goes through the motion when I say fist pump. He loves having the left over water bottle, especially if some is left for him, he will drink it. Will try to drink your coffee when not looking, or anything else you are drinking or eating. He takes his showers in the tub a...
An approximately 15 year old female. She has been a cage-free bird for the last ten years. She is a delight. She prefers to stay on her perch and have her human place from spot to spot. She is a bit of a picky eater, but with the right person she can be trained to be not so picky. She probably would prefer a single bird home even though she has been housed with a Catalina Macaw for two the past...
We currently have birds for sale. 50% Off on all birds on our website so kindly get back to us if you are interested in one of our birds. Best way to contact us: http://www.reaviary.com/Contact%20Us.html ORDER NOW See availabe African Grey birds: http://www.reaviary.com/African%20Grey%20Parrots.html ORDER NOW See availabe Amazon birds: http://www.reaviary.com/Amazon%20Parrots.html ORDER NOW See...
Our beloved family Pet: Zazu, Hand reared 16 weeks old Galah Cockatoo, Hatched 2017, ID Ring. Amazing very chatty, fully tame,literally like a little kitten. Very Chatty, never stops talking (despite being that young), says a lot of words and phrases: Hello, Good morning, Beckaboo, How are you?, What are you doing? Calling for my daughters by their names, kissing, whistling: can almost mimic an...
Beautiful 2yr old Senegal Parrot names Keno. But he isn t tamed and needs someone to work with him. I work a lot and this no longer have the time, looking for a good home for Keno. Call or text 8605341701 Corey
Beautiful Spanish Timbrado Canaries for sale, great singers from champion bloodlines.Very healthy,hens and males.Multiple colors to choose from. Contact # 860-597-2962
Adorable female& male African grey parrots for sale------Adorable female& male African grey parrots looking forever homes. text( 6149965725 ), Comes with travelling cage. Very healthy and tamed. Eat variety of foods and seeds. Love playing with kids. Beautiful birds. Love cuddle and kisses. Whistles and talk.Will only to good loving home. Will make a wonderful addition to your house hold and a ...
Big bold and beautiful is the best way to describe this female Greenwing Macaw. She s had a rough life and is in need of a forever home where she is the bird. She talks dances steps-up laughs and loves to be around people. I m not sure of her exact age but was told around years old. If you re interested in a lovely lovable Macaw this may be the bird for you. She just saw her vet in August and w...
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